Authors with Hopewell Publications

Hopewell Publications houses several ground-breaking and best-selling authors. Many are listed below with links to their websites and titles. Correspondences should be sent to Hopewell Publications, PO Box 11, Titusville, NJ 08560-0011, and they will be forwarded to the author.

Author Listing in (Alphabetical Order)

Duff Brenna The Book of Mamie, The Law of Falling Bodies
Julie Brickman Two Deserts
Chrissy Coleman Nashville Skyline
Sally Collins Happiness Is Owning a Laundromat
Walter Cummins Local Music, Local Music
Paul D. Dickinson Junker Dreams
Brittany K. Fonte Buddha in My Belly
Robert Gover On the Road with Dick and Jane, One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding, Time and Money, Poorboy at the Party, Two Brothers
Chris Helvey Whose Name I Did Not Know, Claw Hammer
Eric Hoffer Before the Sabbath, First Things, Last Things, In Our Time, Reflections on the Human Condition, The Orderal of Change, The Passionate State of Mind, The Syndicated News Articles, The Temper of Our Time, Truth Imagined, Working and Thinking on the Waterfront
Thomas E. Kennedy A Passion in the Desert, Cast Upon the Day
Christopher Klim Everything Burns, Firecracker Jones Is On the Case, Idiot!, Jesus Lives in Trenton, The Winners Circle, True Surrealism, Write to Publish
John LeConte The Priest and the Nazi
Peter James Quirk Trail of Vengeance
Lennox Raphael Garden of Hope
Maryanne Raphael Garden of Hope
Matt Ryan Read This Or You're Dead To Me
Tom Shachtman American Iconoclast
Ed Shockley Notes from a Practicing Writer
Lori Thompson Prairie Stars
Pam Tobert-Bynum Rivers Capture My Hear, Educate My Soul
Rick Zabel Pluto's Garden
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